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Kalıcı Oje Renkleri

We welcome you to our centers to show that more than 160+ different color options in parmanent nail polish.
Our collection has been updated with the colors of August-September 2019.



Long-lasting durable nail polishes are now the indispensable choice of women. Recently, all our customers prefer nail polish. As Luxio, we have added all 2019 winter-summer colours of permanent nail polish to our list. You can choose permanent nail polish colour from the pictures in this page. All the colours we have in the picture are available. If you want extra colours you can call and get information.

We work with Akzentz Professional Turkey for permanent nail polish. The world's most durable and best known as Luxio. We share the images of our customers with permanent nail polish. The following images are Luxio Permanent nail polish pictures that we apply to our customers.

Kalıcı french
Kalıcı oje uygulaması
Kalıcı french

Permanent nail polish can be applied to your toenails in the same way as applied to your hand nails. Try to apply permanent nail polish when you are going to swimming in the pool or in the sea and you will see the difference. The brightest colors of this summer will shine on your fingers.

Taşırmadan sürülen kalıcı oje
Kalıcı oje ombre
Kalıcı french

With the application of permanent nail polish on natural nails, your original nails will not be damaged. It also helps it grow better. In addition to its appearance, it is the biggest factor that covers the nail in a healthy way. Cosmetics manufacturers who produce smart solutions have developed gel formulas for better nail permanence. Therefore, permanent nail polish users can carry these applications in their nails for more than 1 month.

Both hands and toenails can be applied. Usually in the summer vacationers who prefer permanent nail polish is applied in a hair salon in Turkey. Ornaments can be added to these applications for customers who are bored with a single color. You can make your permanent nail polish fun with nail stones or mirror powders. For non-growing nail polish, you can choose Luxio permanent nail polish.


The applications in the photos are the first process our customers have done. As you can see that . Duration of use varies from 1 month to 1.5. Even the stones we use to decorate like permanent nail polish are in place. Another reason why you would prefer us to practice. Long Lasting! There is no fading in the colors, there is no opening at the edges or at the ends. "Nail Istanbul" difference!

Professional nail studios TURKEY'S FINEST, THE BEST!!

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