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Gel nail extension application is the choice of anyone who likes longer nails who complain about short nail. To prevent nail eating habits to prolong their nails in a healthy way to make their own gel nail extensions. Gel nail extensions are recommended for the treatment of thin and fragile nails. We repair your broken nail with gel technique and we build a new nail in the shape of your natural nails. It is very difficult to notice.

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Protez Tırnak Sonrası


Each gel nail extension has layers applied on the short nail. They act as a binder to bond the gel layer to the nail surface. Without them, the gel nail extension does not fit in the nail when it is dried. Gel nail extension should be equally reliable in the layers used during gel application. Applying an unknown substrate to your nail may cause dryness or danger of yellowing the nail.

Does gel nail extension damage the nail?

Depends on the brand you use. The gel I use is produced by Akzentz Professional. The gel can be easily rasped, and when they want to remove the prosthetic nail, they are very easy to remove. It does not permanently damage your natural nail. Your lower fingernail can be easily extended with gel and your original fingernail can be restored to its original health. Actually, think about it, covering your nails and protecting it. But never use the artificial nail gels you do not know. Use high quality gel and do not risk the health of both yourself and your customers. You can't tell your customer when you buy cheap gel and damage your costumer’s fingernail. You may have to return the transaction fee you received.

How should gel nail extension have done?

Women take various aesthetic complementary steps to make them feel comfortable. One of them is seen in the form of methods used to care for nails. Accordingly, you may want to get answers about how to get your nails done at the centers that will do the best. You will be able to witness that your work will be performed more easily and practically thanks to our centers that prove that they are with you in all kinds of construction stages related to gel nail extension processes which have been contributing to the development of the nail sector in recent years. You will also be aware of how much we will contribute to help you determine what you want to learn about quotes. Before getting a gel nail extension you can contact us to get answers about what stages you will go through.

You may have followed a few methods of gel nail extensions. There are several reasons why false nail methods are not used today. You can easily see that gel methods and gel systems are used today especially not to damage your nails and prevent natural elongation.

Thanks to our centers, you can realize that you can grasp the importance of gel systems for gel nail extensions in the best way. Accordingly, to make your nails feel longer, more colorful and permanent, you can obtain gel nail extension and care services that can last up to 6 months.

For those who want to make economic choices, we allow you to provide transportation through our addresses. With an appointment, you can make your nails longer and at the same time take the necessary steps without hindering their natural growth. In our centers our employees will make the best decisions for you on the products that will help your nails to grown better and healthier. Also, you can make a research on our site for the products that we are using. You will also see how much we can help you make the right decisions and pay the right prices. On the other hand, we help you to have your nails in better conditions than you imagine. You can contact us with all your questions and you can also take a look at the maintenance services at certain times. You can contact us for more information about natural nail-like gel nail extension.

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