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Manicure with Nail Drill and Permanent Nail Polish Training

Training Program

What do we do in the theory program of education?

- Disinfection and sterilization issues,

- Different hand and nail diseases you may encounter,

- Materials: Where to buy the materials?

Which products should we not work with?


Preparations made before starting manicure:

- Rasping (proportioning and shaping of all fingers)

- Use of Pusher (grip type and where to use)


Machine Manicure application methods, process steps:

- Damage caused by improper application;

- Recognize the tips and its tasks

- The colour equivalents of the tips, what hardness and colour should I apply?

- How much distance can you clean with the tip you use?

- Sterilization stages and lifetime of the tips you use;

- Flesh cleaning on the finger without the use of forceps;

- Getting rid of flesh pieces on the nails;


Scissors cutting stages;

Details of working with permanent nail polish:

- Permanent nail polish preparation process, oil recovery on the surface of nail,

- Permanent nail polish application method, application stages, tasks and application areas of products,

- Smoothly permanent nail polish to the bottom of the nail,

- Proper nail drying stages and drying machine preferences,


Simple decorations:

- Nail Sticker (applying correctly to the nail surface)

- Swarovski Stone (gluing techniques depending on size, adhesives use)

- French art (Easy techniques of smiling “French”)


During the training you will receive all the materials you need.

Certificate will be given at the end of the training

1. DAY

Starting at 10:00, the theory lesson is processed, then the permanent nail polish is painted on the prapared nails and then you apply it to your left hand. First you use machine manicure and then you learn permanent nail polish application. First we feel the practice in our hands before experimenting with the real model and next day you start to practice on a real model.

2. DAY

You start at 10:00 and work with a real model hand. First, machine manicure and then single colour permanent nail polish application.

3. DAY

You start at 10:00 and work with a real model hand. First, machine manicure and then single colour permanent nail polish application.

4. DAY

Training starts at 10:00 in the morning. But before the practice starts you will have an exam. You can earn a certificate at the end of the day if you successfully complete the exam and answer what you have learned for 3 days. With the arrival of the models, first you start with the machine manicure. After the manicure, you can apply french or single colour with permanent nail polish. You can earn a certificate according to your success. If any of your trainings failed, you cannot get a certificate in any way.

Participation stage to training

You follow
and see the traning dates.. If it fits for you, you should call and get a pre-registration.

0(212) 240 2222

The Students that take part in our tranings

The pictures from our tranings that sponsored and represantatived by Akzentz Professional Turkey

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